The Lodge saved me from this manic Monday

I don't go out downtown a lot. I'm not a big drinker and drunk people annoy me, so it's not really my scene. Over the weekend I put my loathing for the downtown scene aside and went to a couple of bars with Amber for her birthday. We ended up at a place called The Lodge, which I have closed down every time I've been there and this time was no exception. The Lodge plays the best selection of 80's music and is a really relaxed place, it's almost a dive, but not quite. The walls inside are like log cabins and there are Christmas lights up all the time, and a TV in the fireplace with a fake roaring fire. I love 80's music, so it is pretty much the only reason I will agree to go there.

Saturday I was still in the mood for 80's music so I made a pretty awesome Spotify playlist, feel free to follow it here.

Today was another Monday (both literally and figuratively) and my 80's playlist was the only thing that kept me going at work without slapping people. I woke up to a voice mail from our mortgage broker letting us know that our mortgage was conditionally approved, they just need to verify our homeowners insurance before we get our final approval. Normally this would be a joyous piece of news, however the two companies that the mortgage broker said were going to call us to give us quotes never did. Note to future home buyers, just ask for a list of reputable companies and call them your self. I called my dad to ask who they use for homeowners insurance because we live in Florida where there are scary things like hurricanes and I've heard it's difficult to find companies that provide coverage here, apparently most homeowners insurance companies are scared of our little rain storms. Thankfully, my godfather is the vice president of an insurance company, so I called him and within two hours his office was calling me to get things set up, but of course I missed that call and when I called back everyone was already gone for the day.

On top of that, work was crazy and will only get crazier because grades came out today and now students will be pouring in crying about how they all had terrible teachers and that's why they didn't pass English or Math for the 4th time in a row, sure sure.

I did get an email from a student today thanking me for my encouragement and letting me know they were graduating this semester, it was really nice. I like hearing about the students that take my advice and succeed, it makes it a heck of a lot easier to advise the ones that don't listen and then fail, again.

We found out today that we might close on our house a day early, which will give us an extra day to clean and get things ready before we move all of our stuff. It will be nice to make sure we have electricity and running water before the big move, and we might even be able to get all of the stuff we need for our fence taken care of so we can start putting it up the weekend after we move. I have no idea what it takes to pull a residential permit for a fence, it can't be that crazy, but then again what about this process hasn't been crazy.

One week from Thursday we become homeowners, one week from Saturday we move into our first house, and two weeks from Wednesday is our third wedding anniversary! Happy May to us!


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