May the 4th be with you!

I hope everyone had a lovely Star Wars day! Christopher and I watched a couple episodes of The Big Bang Theory as our geek fest for the day, and they talked about Start Wars, so that was close enough for us.

I had a crazy busy day at work so when I got home I was really happy that Christopher was in the mood to grill. He made grilled chicken, mac and cheese, and peas, it was really good. Then I took a nap while he talked to his parents, they hadn't had a house update in a couple of weeks, so we needed to give them the newest scoop. While he was on the phone with them they offered to buy the paint and painting supplies for us to paint our bedroom, which is super sweet and incredibly helpful.

Today our mortgage broker called to tell us our mortgage got it's final approval and now we are pretty much all set to close at the end of next week (Thursday or Friday... we are still getting one date from them and one from the Realtor so who knows at this point). I also finally had to correct the homeowners insurance lady and tell her my name was Natalie NOT Nancy. She always got my name right on the phone and in voicemails, but every time she emailed me she called me Nancy. It was strange, but on our insurance application it had the wrong name, so I had to be like... ummmm... not to be a bother, but you have my name wrong, so change it! kthanxbye.

Tomorrow my cousin Arie is getting married! I am pretty excited, I love weddings, and they are getting married at a venue I've never been to. I am also just excited to have something to do for 5 hours that will be fun and take my mind off of waiting for next Thursday to get here already!

Have a great Cinco de Mayo, Kentucky Derby, Gold Cup, and a happy birthday to Adele and Chris Brown (kind of). - Remember that Cinco de Mayo is an important celebration for Mexicans everywhere except almost all of Mexico


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