Phone interview take two

Once upon a time, there was a college student who had her first phone interview. It went poorly. It went so poorly, she could write a book about how NOT to interview. The interview was for an office position at an online school, little miss college student had worked at Publix, Boston Market, and a preschool, but not an office. They asked all kind of questions she didn't know how to answer and when it was over she cried. And then cried some more.

Today was my second phone interview ever. It was with the large university in our area for a job I would really like. I think it went really well, but I interview so badly that for all I know my "really well" is "meh she'll do if no one else wants the job" for everyone else. I feel pretty confident that I even got an interview. At the college where I work we are receiving somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 applications for each job opening so if they are getting anywhere near that response than I'm just happy to have had an interview.

A few things about this job that would be cool...

  • I would have an OFFICE
  • I would give the pre campus tour info session
  • I would HAVE AN OFFICE
  • I would make admissions decisions 
  • I would get to talk to students that actually want to go to school
  • Oh yeah, did I mention I would have an office
  • They would pay for 6 credit hours of tuition per semester, free grad school, yes please!
So keep your fingers crossed, a full time job would be great, but I know that God has a plan and if this is part of it the job will be min, if it's not there will be a different job. 


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