There's nothing like good Polish food

One thing that I do like about our apartment is how close it is to an incredible Polish restaurant, Polonia. I'll admit it's the only Polish food I've ever had, so I'm no Polish expert, but this place is definitely worth driving to Longwood for.

I've been for dinner a few times and for lunch once. When I went for lunch the special was a turkey BLT on homemade challah, with a side of homemade chicken noodle soup, even the noodles were homemade.

Even just looking at that terrible cell phone picture makes me drool. They make the best breads at Polonia. 

When I've been for dinner I've tried several things on the menu, I'll list those below. Unfortunately I don't have any other pictures, I'm always way too excited to eat the food that I forget to photograph it.

The beef goulash is probably my favorite dish, which I've gotten with kluski noodles and with mashed potatoes (my preference). The beef is tender and has a really flavorful sauce/gravy, it practically melts in your mouth.

The chicken cutlets are pan fried and come with a nice herb butter, which I like to mix in with the mashed potatoes so the breading on the chicken doesn't get wet, I can't handle soggy breading. Then you have buttery herb potatoes to go with your crispy chicken cutlet, it's very good.

Polonia is only the second place I have ever had Blintzes, Too Jays being the other, and they were the best ones I've ever had. They are so delicate and creamy and they come with fresh strawberry sauce, that I'm sure was also homemade just like everything else they serve.

I am not a huge cabbage fan but their stuffed cabbages are pretty good, and you get a choice of red sauce or mushroom sauce on top. I've only tried the mushroom sauce and it was really good. I love mushrooms and pretty much anything with mushrooms as the primary ingredient.

They also have AMAZING dessert. The lemon mascarpone cake is beyond fantastic. I've gotten a piece every single time I've been there and this year my mom ordered a whole cake for my birthday, it's just THAT GOOD!

We will definitely keep going to Polonia after we move, but I will miss being so close. Polonia is worth the drive no matter where you live, map it out and make a plan, you won't be disappointed.


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