Babies are everywhere again

Babies are everywhere again, even though aren't they always. Yesterday one of my college roommates had her first baby girl. She is absolutely precious. We haven't kept in touch like I wish we had, but we are still Facebook friends so I have been enjoying the pictures. 

I hate baby showers. I haven't always hated baby showers, but since I've been married and know that the responsible thing to do right now is not have a baby, they kill me. I sit there for hours watching a glowing mom to be open cute tiny things and be oooed and aahhed over. People give moms to be crazy advice, say inappropriate things, and touch their bellies even if they don't know the woman and they shouldn't. Baby showers also mean buying presents and spending time in a baby section buying cute tiny things for someone else who is lucky enough to get to have a baby. And I know, I could (probably) go have a baby right now if I tried, but it wouldn't be the right thing to do. 

Later today I am going to help make cupcakes for a shower I'm going to on Saturday. This shower I don't hate. This shower I am excited for. The mom to be this time has been trying to get pregnant for years and finally is. She has spent months on bed rest and I honestly can not imagine how much that sucks. The shower is Dr. Seuss themed and everyone is bringing a book instead of a card so they have lots of books ready for bed time stories when the baby comes. I ordered a personalized gift from Etsy for this shower and bought my favorite Dr. Seuss book. I will post pictures of the present after it's been opened. I don't want to post it on the internet for all to see and ruin the whole surprise. 

I was going to paint my office today, but with work and helping bake cupcakes I'm not sure if we will have time. I might go ahead and get the paint and maybe tape and hopefully tomorrow after the shower we will have time.

Back to 50 shades, and then maybe do some work. Have a great weekend. 


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