Banana Nutella "ice cream"

Holy cow I love Pinterest. I mean honestly is there anything on that website that I don't want to craft, test, cook, or buy? NOPE, not a dang thing. So of course that is where I found this recipe. It was pinned from this blog.

Nutella "Ice cream"

Ingredients: 6 bananas and 1 cup of Nutella. And that is all folks. Easiest treat ever.

Blend all of the ingredients until smooth and then freeze, either all together in a freezer safe container or in Popsicle molds.

The texture of this treat is really better suited for use as a Popsicle than to be scooped like ice cream, but either way it is delicious!

Also be careful with your blender, if you have a cheap crappy old one like I did mash up the bananas a little before you put them in. I ended up killing the motor on my blender making this and had to throw it away, because it was smoking for a while and then wouldn't turn back on. So be careful. 


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