Sewing must die

I have been trying to make a shower curtain for about two weeks now.

First, I found some really cute fabric that matched the paint in our room, so I decided that we should just paint the bathroom the same grey instead of trying to pair a darker shade like we had originally planned.

Second, I measured and cut my fabric.

Third, I washed my fabric... maybe I should have done that before cutting it, because hello stringy mess.

Fourth, I matched up the pattern and pinned my fabric (I need to sew three panels together to make it wide enough.)

Fifth, I practiced making baby shower curtains out of crappy $5/bolt Walmart fabric. Everything went smoothly, except I was having a hard time keeping lines straight because I didn't out the foot down. Oops.

Sixth, I was ready to tackle my shower curtain... so I threaded up a new bobbin with white thread instead of pink, and then my sewing machine decided it didn't want to sew a shower curtain.

I am stuck. My sewing machine won't pull the thread from the bobbin. It just spins around down there, doing nothing.

So for now a clear plastic shower curtain liner is all that separates me from the rest of my bathroom. I don't like it, it's ugly and it doesn't hide the shower and my mess of products that are all over the floor because there is no shelf to contain them.

But I quit. Because honestly, what are my other options?


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