Summer ready patio

This weekend Christopher and I did quite a bit of shopping.

Our biggest purchase was a table and chairs for our patio from Target.

They were on clearance 50% off at a Target store about 30 minutes away, so we bought the chairs first because that is all we could fit in the car. We planned on borrowing my parents SUV and getting the table at the Target store near us, but it wasn't on clearance at that location. So we decided that we wanted it enough to go back to the original store and get the table on sale. (Target rant below)

Now that we have the table and chairs all put together, it is lovely to sit outside and watch Lucy play in the yard or hang out while Christopher grills. We got everything put together on Saturday so that night we grilled chicken and ate dinner on the patio. We still have to decide if we are going to get an umbrella or not. I don't love umbrellas, I hate that you can't set something in the middle of the table when you have an umbrella, so I would like to get a gazebo/canopy type thing that would cover the table and chairs and still leave room to set a serving dish or centerpiece in the middle of the table.

Summer in Florida is just about unbearable during daylight hours, but with the right cold beverage and 3-4 off lanterns it's not too bad after dark.

Target Rant - Read at your own risk.

I love the stuff Target sells. They have some of my favorite housewares and stationary items, and usually a decent selection of other junk we might want to buy, with the exception of electronics. Plus, I have a redcard so I save 5% on all of my purchases. All of that still doesn't make me love target. In fact, I hate that place. If you want to return something you better have your receipt and your left leg to give them or else you are stuck with something you don't need/want. I have donated so much crap over the years to goodwill just because I lost my receipt and couldn't return something to Target. Now I know better and I keep all of my target receipts in a drawer in my kitchen. I still shop there, because I prefer it to the hot mess that is walmart. But I don't enjoy it, and if I didn't have this crazy need to touch and see everything before I bought it I would do all of my Target like shopping on Amazon. Because I love Amazon.


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