Things they are a changing

I finally bought my own domain name! If you are a long time follower you can keep following me like you always have but if you'd like to bookmark my new spot on the internets it is The link just redirects to this blog, so don't worry you aren't missing anything. I plan on trying to blog a little more about our house, DIY projects, our life, and I am going to add in all of the cooking blog posts that I have previously posted on my cooking blog. If I am lucky I might even get Christopher to join in on the fun. Please hang in there while I make all of these changes and don't run away if you come back to the page and it looks different everyday for the next month while I play around and figure out what works best. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Another exciting change is that Christopher's work schedule changes next week! We will finally have some time together before stores close and we might even get to eat dinner together again! We are so excited to be able to spend time together at a more normalish time. Hopefully this will help us to be able to start a few more DIY projects around the house. Then you'll get to see how handy (or not) we really are. I also plan on posting a house tour soon, so be looking for that.


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