Can't always be the favorite

I am really good at my job. Like people ask to see me and when I'm not at work they will come back another day to see me specifically. I'm that good.

This week I am filling in at the quick advising front desk for someone who is on vacation. It's been a joy.

Today a girl walks up to the desk and says, "Oh man, I wish someone else was here instead of you". TO MY FACE. I literally snatched up her ID and wrote her a referral faster than I ever have before so I could get her the crap out of my line.

She also had her two kids with her, and they were running up and down the hall screaming. I really wish I could have replied, "Oh man, you again and this time with your crazy kids. Can you come back another day when I'm not here?".

But I don't really want to get fired, so I was nice even though she was mean.


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