Dinner and a dog fight

This weekend was awesome, and then terrible. This is how it went....

Friday was just a lazy day with Chris, he did yard work and I played with the dogs (we've been dog sitting their dog at our house since Wednesday). We went on a lunch date, ran errands, and then went out to one of our favorite downtown bars.

We hung out and sang 80's and 90's music at the top of our lungs and had a few drinks. Chris and I ducked out early, around 12:45am... we are old and married after all.

Saturday we woke up made a birthday cake for Bianca, Carrie, and Kelly who were all coming over for dinner that night. They all live out of town so I don't get to celebrate their birthdays as much as I would like so a birthday party a couple months late seemed like the thing to do.

All of my friends love Funfetti cake out of the box with vanilla frosting and sprinkles so this is usually what I make for them. I also love the Happy Birthday candles instead of numbers, especially when you are celebrating more than one person that way the cake doesn't end up looking like a preschool classroom wall with every digit 0-9 on top. 

After the birthday cake was done we headed over to Bianca's mom's house to do a little swimming and eating. 

I'd say we had a pretty awesome time. We were in the pool for about five hours, ate hamburgers and brownies. What more could you ask for from a Saturday?

After our day in the pool everyone came over to see our new house and have dinner. Chris grilled hot dogs and chicken and we had watermelon and grilled corn on the cob, chips and queso, and who even knows what else. We spent the first few hours just eating and chatting and listening to music, then everyone opened their birthday presents and they even got me a housewarming gift! 

We ate our cake and ice cream, played Apples to Apples and we played one of my housewarming gifts, Catch Phrase! I had never played Catch Phrase until Saturday night, and now I am obsessed. Chris and I have been playing it (with amended two player rules of course) every night. 

In the middle of my lovely BBQ/birthday/housewarming party my dog and my parents dog got into a dog fight. It was terrifying. Chris and I broke it up but were both mildly injured in the process. It is crazy that after three years of them being little best friends they all of a sudden had a fight over food. They have eaten meals, snacks, and treats together almost every time they are together, but something about them being at our new house and my chicken being so good and juicy just set them over the edge.

Who knew these little besties would turn on each other over a scrap of chicken. 

My aunt trains dogs so we will definitely be getting some advice from her about what to do to help Lucy be less afraid of other dogs and less likely to fight them. After she got attacked at the dog park however long ago that was she was been afraid of new dogs and does not greet them politely, but this was too much. It's time to call in the reinforcements.

This is one of my dog fight injuries my hand and wrist are also bruised. 

So after such an eventful weekend I had a Monday kind of Monday. So I went home after work and decided to make myself a chocolate cake. I preheated the oven and mixed up the batter and when I went to put the cake in the oven to bake, there was a baking dish with baked beans in there from Saturday that I had completely forgotten about. 

Oops. Sometimes being an adult is a crap load of hard work. This has just been a rough couple of days. It will get better, and maybe I'll stop wanting to kick my dog soon. We'll see.


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