Homemade Pizza

My family has always loved pizza. My parents eat at a local pizza place about once a week and sometimes they even invite me! We go out to lunch after church on Sundays and Pizza is one of the 4-5 things we always throw into the "where should we go for lunch" game we play around noon every. single. week. Naturally Christopher and I have held on to that tradition and eat pizza pretty often, maybe not quite as much as my parents but that's only because the pizza place we like only has one size pizza... large, and for the two of us getting an entire pizza is a little much, we can barely eat half of it. 

So we started making pizza at home. We still have leftovers but it's not quite as much, plus you don't even have to put on pants to have homemade pizza, which is a quality we appreciate in a meal. We have really enjoyed cooking in our new house and for the most part we have stopped going out to dinner. We 
still go out for breakfast or lunch if we want something specific that we don't want to cook or if we are out running errands, but we are having a lot of fun using our real size grill and our much bigger kitchen. It's been nice to want to be home and not looking for any excuse to leave the house. Anyway, back to our pizza. 

Homemade Pizza

1 pizza crust (we buy pizza crust dough at Publix, you could easily make your own)
1 jar of pizza sauce (I should probably start making this myself and freezing it but we used Publix brand this time)
1 bag of Italian blend cheese (or more if you love cheese) 
Assorted pizza toppings
Garlic powder
Fresh Parmesan cheese

We make our pizza on a jelly roll pan, even though I have a baking stone, jelly roll pan is just easier because you can make the pizza on it, cook it on it, and then serve right off of it. We hate dishes so one dirty thing is better than two or three in this house. 

Roll out or throw your pizza dough... or smash it out until it takes the shape you want.

Add toppings in your preferred order. We like sauce - veggies - half the cheese - meat - second half of the cheese. 

Bake as directed on crust (we baked our at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes)

When you take out the pizza let the cheese set for a minute or two before trying to cut the slices or you will have a melty cheesey mess. 

After you cut your pizza into slices, top with fresh parmesan and garlic powder. Yum!

If you wanted to make this healthier, you could use homemade whole wheat crust, homemade pizza sauce, more veggies and less cheese. Try this whole wheat pizza recipe for a healthy pizza with all whole ingredients (nothing processed). 


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