I love Popsicles

 On Friday night Christopher and I went to a local Food Truck event and tried a couple new things. One of the new things we tried was a cart called POP Craft. They make delicious popsicles. It was the perfect treat to munch on in the 90+ degree heat while we walked around trying to decide what else to get.

Tangerine Dreamsicle (I think, I'm not 100% sure of the flavor name)

 On Thursday I ordered a popsicle mold from Amazon and trying the POP craft popsicles made me even more excited to make my own popsicles when the mold came in the mail Saturday morning, thank God for Amazon Prime amiright?!

Saturday I mixed up a recipe for Orange Creamsicles that I found on Pinterest and waited around for HOURS until I thought my creamsicles would be done, but they were soft and the sticks fell out. I think it is because I made one risky move in preparing my creamsicles, the recipe calls for cream or melted ice cream, and I used melted soft serve. I think that was my problem, I mean it says SOFT right in the name! So next time I'll stick to the recipe and stop trying to be too cool for recipes, especially the first time around. 

This has nothing to do with popsicles but we had a little furry visitor this weekend! We opened our patio umbrella to have lunch outside and there was a baby bat hiding in there. We opened it enough to take a few pictures and then closed him back in there and when we came back he was gone. I love bats, they eat mosquitoes, which makes them one of my favorite creatures. They are also kind of cute in a nasty sort of way. Yeah I'm crazy, it happens. 

Our pet bat for about an hour.


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