June Birchbox reviews

I thought I'd finally share my thoughts on the products in my June box. You can see my Modcloth headband here.

My parents and brothers went on a family vacation last week and my 16 year old brother has a convertible (talk about unfair), so of course while he wasn't here to drive it, we borrowed it. It was so much fun to drive around with the top down every change we had, I even got a little tan sunburned on my forehead.  So I got to try it out in a convertible this week. I have a small head and I have a hard time getting anything including hats to stay on my head so this headband was definitely more decorative than useful for me but it was fun to wear.

I wore the Supergoop sunscreen on 4th of July and was burn free that day! I spent a little time in the pool, did some shopping and saw fireworks. I thought it was a good product and would probably buy it if I didn't hate lotions. I prefer the spray sunscreen when I wear sunscreen, but I don't go outside during the day very often so I don't need to use it too much. I do wear moisturizer and lip balms with sun protection everyday because I am a delicate flower and it's more a matter of when I'll need to have a skin cancer removed than if.

The brightening mask was strange, and I don't think it did anything other than make me look like a soggy mummy and take up 20 minutes of my time. That being said, I should take more time to just sit and do nothing for 20 minutes. That part was pretty nice. I set the alarm on my phone and just laid in bed for 20 min with my eyes closed, it was lovely.

The Stainiac lip and cheek color is king of cool and I've used it a couple of times now. I don't think I like it enough to buy it just because I don't really wear make up but it's been fun to use it and I'll enjoy it until it runs out.

One of my favorite parts of getting Birchbox is that I get to try stuff that I would never in a million years buy a full size version of. I get to try things I think sound scary or weird, and it is a lot of fun. I've found some really great products that I know I will probably continue to use for years or until they send me something even better and there are things that I can't even imagine why it was ever made in the first place, like stick on eyeliner.

I think it looks better as a mustache. 

I saved the best for last, Comodynes Self-Tanning Intensive towelettes. Let me start by saying I have never used a self tanning product before this in my life and I have never had a real tan. Basically, I have nothing to compare it to. Anyway, I tried the wipes on my legs, because at least that way if it didn't work out well it wasn't on my face, you can't wear pants on your face. Below is a picture of my left leg to show you how hard I fail at self tanning. This fail could be completely user error, but the "tan" was pretty orangey. I kind of felt like Snooki had puked on my legs. I wouldn't buy this product because I obviously don't use it well and I didn't care for the color it turned me, but then again I wouldn't ever buy a self tanning anything. I'm pasty and I know it. (yeah sing that instead of sexy and I know it next time your out, see the horror on faces around you.)

I have spent the last three days scrubbing my legs with body scrubs to try and exfoliate the "tan" off and it's not working well. My friend Bianca over at What you are is beautiful sent me a link to Lauren Conrad's "How to fix a bad fake tan" Article so I will get getting a bag of lemons on my way home from work today and trying the Lauren Conrad method.

Overall maybe not the Birchbox with my most favorite products ever but I like the Stainiac, headband, and sunscreen. I finally ordered some things from the Birchbox shop, so when they get here I'll be sure to share what made the cut. 


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