Kids rule

A coworker sent me this link last week and I cannot stop giggling about it.

Most hilarious letter written by a kid ever!

Kids are hilarious. In case you don't know, I worked at a pre-school all 4 years of college and was a substitute teacher there for almost a year after I graduated. It was the most hilarious job I have ever had. Kids are like pets, you can get them to do just about anything for a treat, even though I guess you can say that about humans in general. Hey go grab that, I'll give you a cheeze it or if you are really nice during chapel and sing all the songs we can play 5 minutes longer on the playground. Swing sets and snacks are like magic to a group of 2-5 year olds, so I can almost picture an elementary school aged kid writing this letter.

I also just want Flint to know that I want a donut serving unicorn too, because that is awesome.


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