New favorite breakfast

In June we had Christopher's parents over for breakfast for Father's day. My in-laws are vegan, and we are about as opposite to vegan as you can get, if we could wrap everything in bacon and not worry about falling over dead we would.

Long boring story short, I didn't know what to make for breakfast because all of my favorite breakfast foods involve meat or copious amounts of butter, eggs, or milk. My very favorite breakfast foods include french toast, waffles, biscuits and gravy, and of course bacon. So after perusing recipes on Pinterest and foodgawker I gave up, went to whole foods and bought (gasp) vegan muffins. I also served vanilla flavored Silk yogurt, with fresh fruit and organic granola. It was so good and so filling.

I've had yogurt with fruit and granola before but for some reason I've been obsessed with it ever since. Now I don't eat a vegan version but it's totally easy to use any type of yogurt you want.

I use one container of the Whole Food's 365 brand organic fruit on the bottom yogurt, fruit, usually either 1 banana sliced up or a couple spoon fulls of pineapple bites, and a couple handfuls of granola I get from the bulk bins at Whole Foods. I mix it all up when I get to work and let it sit for about 20 min so the oatmeal in the granola gets soft and it is delicious. Plus I can put the yogurt and fruit into a reusable bowl the night before and then I can just grab and go. It is the perfect work morning breakfast for me because I do not function well before 10am.


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