Pasta Salad

Last week I made pasta salad for the first time ever. I love pasta salad but I had honestly never even thought to make it for myself. It is super easy and I think I will probably make it at least one more time this summer. It's an easy way to have a relatively healthy snack in the fridge for a little while and it's something different to put in our lunches other than the usual carrots or celery and dip.

I kind of just made it up as I went and this is what I used:

Pasta Salad

1 box pasta (I used spirals)
1 1/2 cans black olives
1 Jar Simply Salad Dressed Champagne Salad dressing (in the refrigerated produce section)
Freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Cook the pasta as directed, In the last two minutes of cooking add the veggies to the water. 

Drain water from noodles and veggies and then spread the veggies out on a cookie sheet to cool.

After the past is cool toss the pasta, dressing, olives, and cheese in a large bowl until combined.

Ta Da! pasta salad. It really is so easy. You can use any combination of veggies, pasta, and dressings. One thing I did read through before I made my pasta salad was 5 Steps to Perfect Pasta Salad. It was a helpful guide and maybe it will inspire you to use ingredients you might not have thought to put in pasta salad.


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