Pool reading

It's official, I love our neighborhood pool. I was a little skeptical at first, I've lived in four apartment complexes all with pools and I never used any of them. See the problem is people. People are gross, loud, rude, and mostly annoying. I deal with the public all day long at work and I don't really want to come home and deal with their crap again. Christopher and I have become such homebodies since we moved into our house, we hardly leave which is great because I hardly have to deal with people outside of work!

Well we got brave and tried the pool about two weeks ago. We got there on a Saturday night around 8:30, there were a few families there but most of them left within 15 min and around 9 they all left, leaving Christopher and I to float and make out in peace (yeah we still do that sometimes, gross I know). It was awesome! So awesome we went back the next Saturday night, there were fewer people when we got there the second time and we didn't get the pool to ourselves but it was still a lot of fun.

Then Tuesday I was driving home and when I drove by the entrance to the pool I thought, man I wish I could go float around and read in the pool, but it was supposed to rain and I was starving so I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and went home. After I ate some lunch I still wanted to go to the pool, so I went outside and looked at the sky for a few minutes like an idiot, it didn't look like it was going to rain right away so I decided to go to the pool, alone!

I got to the pool and I was the ONLY person there! So I put my kindle, phone, and water cup on an edge that looked like a good place to float and got in. I floated and kicked around reading my kindle for two whole glorious hours. Other people eventually showed up but they left me to my kindle and floating.

Then I went again on Wednesday. I decided this week that working until 2, eating lunch and then swimming/floating/reading in the pool for a couple of hours has made me so happy and relaxed. While I was in the pool Wednesday I just thought about how much I love reading in the pool, watching the golfers play golf, and just relaxing. I am an uptight person, I barely know what relax means, and this neighborhood pool is just what I needed in my life.

I plan to spend most of my weekend at the pool with Christopher, playing our new pool game noodle-cycling (you pretend your pool noodle is a bike and you race in the tour de pool), floating, and reading.

And to think, I almost turned my nose up at the community pool... what a dumb ass.


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