When the cops show up, get new locks

Christopher and I have lived in our house a little over two months now. We have done a little painting, hung pictures, and made it our own. One thing we hadn't done was change the locks. We got 4 or 5 house keys when we closed and the people didn't seem crazy or anything so we had been putting it off so we could spend that couple hundred dollars on things that were more fun like a garden and patio furniture.

Then I was just minding my own business putting away laundry and hanging out with my brother on Sunday when someone knocked really loudly on my door. They meant business. So we go to the door, checking our phones to see if anyone text to say they were coming over, and what do we find? A cop! So I answer the door and the exchange does something like this:

Natalie: "Hello"
Cop: "Hello. Is Michael home"?
Natalie: "No, they don't live here anymore, is there anything I can help you with"?
Cop: "Do you know where they live now"?
Natalie: " Ummm... the parents moved to an apartment complex near by, but I don't know which one".
Cop: "Ok Thanks for you time ma'am.".

end scene.

Of course the day I should have been nosy I was all sweet and nice to the cop in shorts. I should have been like umm why are you  looking for him, and should I be concerned? But no I asked how I could help and then let the cop leave without asking a single dang question. Now he probably wouldn't have been able to tell me much, but I should have asked.

Anyway, we finally got around to changing the locks.  It just took a cop showing up at our front door.


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