Breaking Bad

Last week I got Netflix again and Christopher and I started watching Breaking Bad. I am obsessed. I also have a problem getting really emotionally wrapped up in shows like this so of course every night after watching 2-4 episodes I have to remind myself that the noises outside are not in fact the Mexican cartel coming after me, because A. I don't participate in any kind of drug activity and B. I live an entire Gulf of Mexico away from them. I'm a special girl.

I don't think I'm going to have a lot of time for anything else until we finish this series, which shouldn't take that much longer.

So until then I won't bore you with my dinners of leftover chicken, hot dogs, or soup from the freezer. I do have plans to make split pea soup, lasagna, and red beans and rice soon, I even bought a special ingredient I've never used before. Stay tuned.


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