Cherry pie stuffed chocolate cake

Friday night my brother's girlfriend came over and we made my brother one EPIC birthday dessert creation. We stuffed a whole cherry pie inside of a whole cake and smothered it in buttercream.

In case you are as crazy as us and want to make your own pie stuffed cake or you are just interested in seeing our craziness this is how we made our cherry pie stuffed chocolate cake. Enjoy!

First, make this cherry pie. (it would work best to make an 8" pie and freeze it before moving forward, you'll thank me later)

Second, make this chocolate cake batter.

Third, put a little cake batter on the bottom of a 10" spring form pan.

This is where things got really interesting for us. We didn't freeze our pie. We didn't know we should. We should have frozen our pie. Go freeze your pie.

Fourth, get your cake out of the pie plate and on the spring form pan bottom. If you chose not to freeze your pie... good freaking luck.

Fifth, put the sides on the pan and fill it with the remaining chocolate cake batter. 

Sixth, bake at 325 degrees for about 40 minutes and then keep an eye on it for an additional 10-20 using a toothpick along the way to test for doneness... yeah that's a word now.

Seventh, let the cake completely cool and then make this easy buttercream frosting

Eighth, frost.

I need a cake plate. I always serve my cakes off a plastic cake carrier. It's not very cute.

Ninth, take a picture and do a little happy dance. You did it, you made a pie stuffed cake!

Tenth, Dig in! Don't be shy, you know it's gonna be good. How could it not be good? It's a pie... it's a cake... it's a PieCake.


  1. I wanted to say something here...but no words can truly describe the cakepie.

  2. I understand your speechlessness.


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