Eating around Orlando: Sushi Pop

I've decided to start a new series here on the blog, Eating around Orlando. Christopher and I enjoy eating at local places and supporting local business, so I thought I'd share some of our favorite places and fun new things that we find.

The first place I'm going to share is new to us, but we completely loved it.

Sushi Pop is a local sushi place in Oviedo and we went there for my brother's birthday a few weeks ago.

I don't love sushi so I got a chicken dish that was really amazing. This is the menu description and a terrible cell phone picture.

Free as a Bird
Ashley farms free range chicken breast with sauteed baby bok choy, fresh peppers and koshi hikari steamed rice.

Christopher loves sushi, so him and my brother shared a large sushi and sashimi combo platter and a "Hot mess" roll (Hot Mess smoked salmon, avocado and  tempura flakes with honey  kabayaki, topped with baked  tuna, salmon, yellowtail,  flounder, spicy mayo,  smelt roe, chives and rendered  bacon). The roll is in the background and some of the fish came on a giant block of ice. It was really pretty looking. 

I also had raspberry saketini, which was a martini made with sake. It was really good.

All of the food was beautiful, delicious, and really nicely presented. The atmosphere was really different, it was trendy and they had anime playing on the TV's, the servers were all dressed up, and if you want you can sit at the counter to eat and watch the guys make sushi.

You would never think that in little hillbilly Oviedo there could be such a cool sushi place, but there is. It would be a great place for a date night or special occasion or just for something a little different.

I highly recommend Sushi Pop, even if you don't like sushi.


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