Kid's birthdays are the best

In my family we celebrate birthdays like it's our job. On Sunday we are celebrating the youngest of the clan. I love it when we celebrate the kids birthdays best because they have hilarious birthday lists. 

Here is an example: 

Sarah's birthday list

money to save for laptop
itunes gift cards
slushi magic
pillow (sleeping)
green ipod touch case the otter box
wooden laptop
green curtains/green paint lime green
lemons(for lemonade)
headphones(full size)

I'd like to point out all of my favorite items. 

1. Stompeez - crazy slippers that make faces while you walk. Seriously, the most ridiculous thing I've seen in a while. What is wrong with regular old monkey slippers? They work for me, but apparently I'm an old lady so what do I know?!

2. A pillow for sleeping... what does that even mean? Like a regular pillow, a cute pillow, a body pillow... how am I supposed to know what that means? I need a 10 year old to old lady translator. 

3. LEMONS! I understand wanting to make lemonade but lemons, come on kid! It is even better than when she put little debby swiss cake rolls on her Christmas list (which I bought her by the way). 

4. The wooden laptop is a family tradition. When my brother Josh and I were about Sarah's age we asked for laptops, so my grandpa being the hilarious guy he is, made us shallow, lap sized, square boxes, and inside were tops. So we could have Lap Tops. It was hilarious now that we are older, but we were super disappointed when we realized we weren't getting anything close to the kind of laptops we hoping for. 

I plan on getting her a bag of lemons. I'll get her something else to go with them, but I love getting the weird stuff on the list. 


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