Mini retail therapy on my brunch break - It's Payday and I'm on lunch break......Of course I'm at Target.

Today, Thursday thought it would be funny and pull a Monday. I woke up late, as usual, got dressed in my laundry room and ran out the door.

About two hours into my work day I got my foot stuck in the hot  mess of cords under my desk and pulled my computer over. It started making a terrible noise and then my monitor wasn't showing any signs of life. Perfect. So I got down on the floor to set my computer back up and try unplugging and plugging in cords so I can try to fix it myself, but nothing. Also, I was wearing a relatively short dress so I'm sure my ass was barely covered as I crawled around on the ground under my desk. 

Then to make an embarrassing situation worse my coworker came to help me and I realized that I forgot to put on deodorant this morning, and I smelled like a dirty hippy. Great.

So, I called the IT department and someone came to take a look at my sad computer. After about 40 minutes I was back up and running and he had even zip tied all the cables under my desk, so now I won't get stuck and break anything else. 

While the IT guy worked on my computer I took my morning break and went to the grocery store so I could buy a travel size deodorant, body spray, and a donut. Because when you go to work smelling like an old shoe and then almost break your computer, you need a donut. 


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