Painting glass vases

I pinned this Painted glass vase tutorial on Pinterest because I thought it looked like a fun easy project. I didn't bother to read the tutorial, I figured the picture was enough information for me. The picture would have been enough instruction if I had read the supply list. The tutorial suggests using a surface conditioner which I didn't know existed and I really probably should have used a bottle of paint that was full. Oh well.

This is how my adventure went down...

1. I found an old vase I had from when I toyed around with the idea of making my own wedding centerpieces, I'm really glad I let a professional do those, there is no hope for me in floral arranging.

2. I poured most of the yellow paint that I had in the vase and swirled it around.

3. I set the vase upside down so the paint could drip all the way down the vase. 

4. Tada! Almost. It was starting to look great! Until I realized that I didn't have enough paint.

There was a small problem with coverage around the ruffly rim, I also only had a foam brush which made touching up with excess paint on my paper towel almost impossible.

A few more coverage issues

I think this will be a great project to try again and I plan to get more yellow paint and finish this vase. For now as long as this vase is on a tall shelf with the splotchy side facing the wall I think it will be fine.

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