Seasonal Sinus Infection

Well ladies and gentleman, my seasonal sinus infection is here! I've been congested for a few days and I've had a headache I couldn't shake all week, so I made my way to the doctor last night. I had a small fever, a nasty nose and an inflamed throat, perrrrfect. But now I have my handy dandy antibiotics, that were free at Publix yaaayy, and hopefully I will feel better soon.

The doctor had to work very hard not to tell me to my face I was an idiot for not taking allergy medicine for my allergies, because after all don't I know that is what leads to all of my sinus infections...

The sad part is I do know that, but it is such a pain in the ass to get Claritin D. You feel like a criminal just going to the pharmacy and asking for it. You have to show your ID, sign a form saying you really need it to clear out your sinuses and won't use it for evil, you can only get 15 days worth at a time... and you can't even get a prescription to get more. Since when is a government agency better suited to treat my medical ailments than a licensed medical professional? So now I have to go to the pharmacy every 15 days to be able to prevent myself from getting a sinus infection 3-4 times a year. It is just absolute craziness.

I've never been in the market for illegal drugs, but I feel like they are probably easier to get than medicine with sudafed in it.


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