Strange accidental pets

Now that we are homeowners, and don't live on the second floor, we are always finding creatures in or around our house.

First, we found bats living in our patio table umbrella. We opened the umbrella up one afternoon because we were planning on eating lunch outside, but after I saw the bat I took the food back in, got the camera, took a few pictures and went back inside. I love bats, I think they are so cool and I appreciate that they eat mosquitoes, but I don't really want to share a table with one. 

And of course we've had out share of lizards and moths. 

But Friday night we found a snake in our house. Yup a snake. A super tiny snake, but a snake. A real, live one.

Christopher held Lucy back so she wouldn't eat the snake and so I could take pictures. Then he very nicely took the snake outside so it could play in the yard. 

It was the tiniest snake I have ever seen. I literally thought it was a string from one of Lucy's dog toys, then I got closer and thought it was a baby worm, then I looked even closer and realized, this is no worm and definitely no string. It's a dang snake in my house. 

 I realized today that we haven't named any of our accidental pets, so next time there is a strange thing in my house I'm going to name it before we let it go. Hopefully I'll get a picture of the named creatures so I can share those accidental pets too.


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