Weekend shopping

Weekend shopping sure is different when you are an adult. This weekend I did a little shopping and got three things, something to wear, something for my office, and something to read. 

Something to wear: I bought this dress because it was super cute, and super on sale.

I love how simple and timeless the dress is. It needs some alterations but it was only $25 marked down from $134. I figure even if it needs another $25 or $30 in alterations it's still a great deal.

Something for my office: I needed some kind of crap storage/tv stand/bedside table situation for my office so I got this little shelf at IKEA.

I haven't exactly decided what to put in the cubies yet but I'm getting there, at least I can watch Gilmore Girls while I waste time on Pinterest

Something to read: I broke down and bought a GRE prep book. I guess I'm going to start taking my future seriously. If I want to apply to Grad school for Spring admission I need to take the GRE in early October. So we'll see how I feel in a few weeks. 

I mean the guy on the cover looks so happy about taking the GRE, so obviously this is going to work.


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