Fall TV is almost here!

Fall TV starts next week! Christopher and I love TV, we watch several current shows and have even more shows on DVD, and now that we have Netflix we have become addicted to even more shows!

As I've mentioned recently, we started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. Breaking Bad is an amazing show, it is beautifully written, the actors have great chemistry, all of the little technical details keep the show real without being noticed. It's all you could ask for in a show, not to mention it is so addicting we watched all four seasons available on Netflix in about two weeks.

The second new show we found/reunited with, was Parks and Recreation. When Parks and Rec started a few years ago we watched about half of the first season and just never got into it, but after hearing lots of great things about it's subsequent seasons we decided to give it another go. We re-watched season 1 and are now about half way through season 2 and I'm really hoping we can finish the rest of the seasons on Netflix before the next season starts later this month.

This Thursday will start my TV viewing season with New Girl, then things really get underway with Parenthood on September 11, Glee the 13th, The Office and Parks and Recreations the 20th, Private Practice the 25th, Grey's Anatomy and Big Bang theory the 27th, 30 Rock October 4th, and Community Oct. 19th.

**Edit** I was fooled by the ever confusing FOX website, and New Girl isn't back until the 25th. Now what will I do Thursday night?! Maybe go to the pool =) **

Then of course we have all of the brand new shows! Several of them look interesting and I plan to try and watch at least one episode of the following seven newbies:

Animal Practice
Go On
Guys with Kids
The Mindy Project
The New Normal

I'll let you know how I like the pilots and if I'm going to try and squeeze any of these into my regular rotation of shows.

Thankfully/sadly this is the last season of The Office. I'm sad to see it go because it's a great show, but it's time, plus I need the space for something new. The other show that I wish would end already is Grey's Anatomy, I love that show and I'll keep watching until it ends or gets more ridiculous than I can handle, which after last seasons finale, might be sooner than later.

Get your popcorn buckets ready and dust of your take out menus, it's time for Fall TV. Happy Watching!


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