Memoirs of a Goldfish

Over the weekend Amber got some new books for her classroom, so of course I had to read them all. My very favorite of her new bunch is Memoirs of a Goldfish by Devin Scillian.

Children's books

This book is adorable. The writing is witty and the illustrations are beautiful, between the two you just want to jump in the bowl and live with the goldfish. The book is a great for introducing sequencing. The goldfish records his memoirs day by day, Day one he swims around his bowl. Day two he swims around his bowl, twice, etc. It is adorable and as soon as Amazon has it back in stock I plan to get it for my collection. I actually only took this picture of the cover with my phone so I could text it to my mom and tell her to buy three copies, one for her, one for her preschool, and one for me. That's how much I loved it.


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