My brother's birthday

Last week my youngest brother turned 17! I can't even believe it. I remember the day he was born, it was a cool fall day and yeah right I was nine, but I do remember having to go home with a friend after school and then going to the hospital to meet him. And after that every trick and torturous game I've ever played with him, I was a great big sister.

This year the poor kid had band practice on his birthday, a football game the next night, and a 12 hour Saturday band practice the day after that. So of course the middle brother, his girlfriend and I took half a dozen balloons to little brother's band practice to embarrass celebrate him. The three of us drew pretty pictures on the balloons including a teddy bear, hearts, unicorn with matching rainbow, bunny rabbit, swirls... you get the idea, we are awesome and he is lucky to have us!

Sorry I didn't take a better picture of the balloons, we were way too excited and the balloons weren't cooperating. 

Every year when my youngest brother's birthday rolls around it reminds me that in 4 short months I will be older too. Next January I will make the terrible transition from early-mid 20's to late 20's. I feel like the years are starting to go by faster, just like older wiser people have warned me about. I'm starting to feel like I'm running out of time, but I'm not sure for what exactly. I also thought I would feel like an "adult" by now, but mostly I just feel like an older, married version of my college self. I go to work, I hang out with Christopher and my friends, and I still watch too much TV. I do fewer stupid things now, so that's probably best, but dang do I feel like an old boring college student who isn't in college. Is that what being an adult is?

Age 26 has been pretty good, Christopher and I bought a house, we've married for three years, and come November I'll get to write someone in on a ballot for the first time because there is no way I am voting for Romney or Obama. I've started thinking about what goals I might want to set for age 27 so far I have be married for four years and take the GRE. Thankfully, I have four months to come up with a few others.

Anyway, Happy Birthday little brother... thanks for making me feel old.


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