My September Birchbox is finally here!

After a few complications with billing (thanks a lot jerk who stole my debit card number) and phone tag with Birchbox customer service I was finally able to get my September Birchbox ordered and now it is here in all it's Birchboxy glory.

kate spade Twirl ($80)

This is a really nice perfume, it has light flirty scent that is flowery but not too garden party on your neck.

Dr. Jart + Water Fuse BB cream SPF25 ($32)

Twistband hair ties ($18 for a 12 pack)

I love this things so far. My mom got one in her Birchbox too but she never wears her hair up, so she gave it to me and now I have two, one red and one with a purple and white pattern! I have been using them for about three days now and I really like them. They are easy to get in and out of my hair and don't leave a giant dent. I also like that when I wear it around my wrist it looks a lot prettier than a regular black or brown hair tie. The only thing I don't like is that the ends fray really easily. This can be fixed by adding a little fray check or clear nail polish to the ends. Then you won't have to trim the stringy mess off the end each time you take it out of your hair.

BAND-AID by Cynthia Rowley ($11 for 40)

These BAND-AIDs sure are fun, but I'm perfectly fine with the regular boring skin(ish) colored ones. I brought the pretty ones to work to keep in my desk, that way if I get a nasty paper cut or something I will have a pretty little BAND-AID to make me smile.

Birchbox and Color Club custom collection ($8)


I got the Status Update shade and painted my nails right away. I think it's a fun dark color for fall/winter. It's darker than I would usually wear on my fingernails, but I an enjoying it. Notice I'm wearing a designer BAND-AID on my pinky there. It's the sequin pattern.

Benefit foamingly clean facial wash ($21) and Benefit refined finish facial polish ($22)

I really liked this face wash and polish, like really liked it. The face wash was foamy and rinsed off clean leaving my skin feeling fresh.The polish had a nice grit to it, it scrubbed but didn't scour my face. This will probably be my next face wash. I recently bought Befine Gentle Cleanser which I like, but I think I like the Benefit foaming face wash better.


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