Pretty creepy


I love fall! It gets cool (sometimes), you can wear jeans and sweaters, pumpkins are everywhere and in everything! Two of my favorite holidays are Halloween and Thanksgiving so now that we have entered the second half of September I have started to work on some Halloween decorations and crafts. I don't own very many decorations, just a handful of things and some candles so I have quite a few Pinterest projects I want to complete this year. 

My first Halloween project was to make some pretty creepy crawly spiders. I saw this project by delia creates on Pinterest. I found some medium sized kind of glittery spiders at Michael's and I hot glued magnets to them. We have a metal front door so I am going to put them on there for Halloween, I think it will be a fun surprise for our trick or treaters. 

Spiders on our front door.

Spiders up close.

A littler closer up on the fridge so you can see the sparkles. 

This will be the first Halloween we have lived in a house so I am excited to decorate and hand out candy. I've already made arrangements for my high school brother to bring his friends by just in case there aren't any kids trick or treating in our neighborhood. I am very excited. Now I just need to decide on a costume!


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