Rolo treats

My co-workers are always up for a good treat, I mean aren't most people. So every now and again I make something fun to bring in and share with my friends. The easiest treat I have ever made to take to work is also probably the office favorite, Rolo pretzel sandwiches (or Rolo turtles if you like pecans).

The first time I made these treats I made half turtles and half rolo pretzel sandwiches, and while both were enjoyed I had a lot fewer of the pretzel sandwiches left over. So when I decided to make them a second time I just make the pretzel sandwich version, which was nice because pretzels are a lot less expensive than pecans. 


Pretzel squares
Pecans (optional) 

The quantity of ingredients can be adjusted as needed, you will just need either 1 pretzel, 1 rolo, and 1 pecan OR 2 pretzels, and 1 rolo per treat depending on your preference. To make the batch for my office I just a large bag of pretzels and two bags of rolos, that way I had a handful of rolos leftover to munch on.

Now the hard part.... 

1. Pre-heat oven to 350 and unwrap the rolos
2. Place pretzels on a cookie sheet (I prefer to use one with sides)
3. Place rolos on the pretzels 

4. Pop those bad boys in the oven for 4-5 minutes


5. Take another pretzel and gently squish the rolo until a little bit of chocolate oozes through the top pretzel. The oozing through the holes helps them stick together. This is where you can also use a pecan to smash down the rolo to make turtles. Whatever makes you happy.

6. Let them cool, if you can wait that long, and EAT!


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