A shower curtain story

I am helpless with a sewing machine, but thanks to Pinterest I thought I surely if every other married lady with a house could sew and handful of straight lines so could I! Do you remember when I started making my own shower curtain a few months ago? Well I finally finished it! It's only 3 inches shorter than I wanted, about an inch and a half narrower than I wanted, and the pattern doesn't match up on one seam, but other than that it's beautiful!

I bought the fabric at Old Time Pottery and then made some pretty big mistakes.

Mistake 1: I cut my fabric first and then washed and dried it.

Mistake 2: I assumed that a geometric pattern would match up easily and make sewing a breeze.

Mistake 3: I assumed I could learn to sew like a seamstress via Youtube.

Thankfully, my husband rescued me from the tragedy what was me using a sewing machine and ended up sewing about half of the shower curtain. I did finish it up on my own (mostly) and I put all of the holes and grommets in the top for the shower curtain hooks. Now I just need to find new shower curtain hooks and retile, and paint, and change the light fixture, and add in some shelves and our bathroom will be done! Bahahaha, home ownership, it's like my grandest dream and worst nightmare collide. So many projects, so much frustration!

From another angle, just in case you missed it's loveliness before. 


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