Another fun birthday weekend

As I've shared before our family doesn't shy away from celebrations, so this weekend we continued the celebration of Christopher's birthday. Saturday was his actual birthday so I had four surprise days planned out just in case it rained, or we weren't in the mood for something in one of the other plans. We ended up going with plan b, a double feature day! We hardly ever go to the movies, it's expensive, inflexible (we aren't ever on time), and even more than that we just forget they exist, but when we do remember to go we enjoy it. Groupon had a great movie deal recently, 4 tickets for $26 so we decided to use them all for Christopher's birthday. After a big breakfast at Cracker Barrel we went to see movie number 1, Looper. I didn't care for Looper, I thought it was a meh version of what could have been an amazing movie., but I'm definitely no film critic so that's all I'll say. After we saw movie number 1 we went home to see Lucy and play a little Cookin Mama on Wii until we had to leave for Christopher's surprise dinner and dessert out. This is where I tried to get creative and tricky. So I blindfolded Christopher so he wouldn't know where we were going, but he knows the roads so well that even though I went the longest way possible he still knew where we were. It was so frustrating, but now I know next time I need to get on the intestate because exits are crazy and that will be a much better way to throw him off. Anyway... we ended up at Kohinoor, our favorite Indian restaurant for dinner and as always it was amazing. Then we went to Colorado Fondue for dessert to continue the awesome. After a little miscommunication we ended up at Target because I thought the crazy man still wanted candy for movie number 2, so we walked off a tiny bit of our delicious evening and headed to see The Campaign. That movie was hilarious and I would definitely watch it again.

Sunday was pretty laid back, we got a pastry at Panera for breakfast and did a little man shopping at Lowes. Christopher bought himself an edger and a new pair of work gloves for all the projects I have in mind. We did some research for our upcoming board and batten DIY project and now I think I know what I want. But don't worry I'll change my mind, just wait.

Last night we had dinner and a drum circle with Chris's parents to round out his birthday weekend. I think so far it's been a good birthday and the man still has two birthday celebrations left. Like I said, we don't take celebrating lightly.


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