Broccoli cheddar soup

I love broccoli! I love it raw dipped in ranch, plain and steamed, in pasta, covered in cheese, pretty much I'll eat it anyway you serve it to me, as long as it's not covered in butter. But I really love broccoli cheese soup! I almost always get broccoli cheese soup when I go to Panera or anywhere that has it, and my mom makes a really good broccoli cheese soup, so I decided it was time I tried. I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe and here's how things went. 

Melt butter, can anything bad start with butter?

Add onions, saute, add flour, make base.

Add milk, cream, broccoli, and spices. Cook until broccoli is tender. I also added a few carrots sliced really thin because I'm into those too. Your call.

Add cheeeeese! I used sharp cheddar. 

After the cheese melts, use an immersion blander to blend up some of the broccoli. I left a few chunks, because I love broccoli. 

And TADA! Broccoli cheese soup. I ate mine with a giant piece of Wheat Mountain Bread from the Publix bakery. It was delicious. It would also have been reallly good in a sourdough bread bowl. I have plenty of soup leftover so I might have to stop by the farmer's market this weekend to see if the bakery I love has a couple of really small sourdough loafs. mmmmm... I love soup!


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