Chili using home ground beef

After I made my own ground beef I decided to make chili. I was still nervous about eating ground beef after my food poisoning experience, so I though chili would be a good place to start because I put lots of beans in mine. 

I love chili! This is how I make it!

Start with your fresh ground beef in a deep pan or pot (I should have used a pot). 

Brown it up.

Add a large can of diced tomatoes and two chili seasoning packets (or mix up your own if your fancy like that).

Add beans!!! I  used light red kidney beans this time, I usually use one can of light red and one of dark red, but I only had light in my pantry. 

Then add a large can of chili beans, I use Bush's chili beans.

Let the chili simmer and eat! Or freeze. I did both. This chili was a little thicker than I usually make it because I was out of tomato sauce and for the first time ever I was out of diced tomatoes. It was still good, but if you try it out you might want to make some adjustments. 


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