Eating around Orlando: 4Rivers Sweet Shop

If you live anywhere near Orlando you have probably eaten at 4Rivers, or at the very least you've heard of 4Rivers and their gigantic lines. Their BBQ is delicious and they make my favorite baked beans, but today I want to highlight a delicious fall treat in their sweet shop.

I went to 4Rviers recently with my family for dinner and while we waited in line I stole away for a quick sneak peak and maybe a taste at the ice cream counter. Little did I know that I would taste the best pumpkin ice cream I've ever had. It has a smooth rich pumpkin flavor and swirls of caramel. How could you not take some of that home? After the best sample of my life I knew I'd be back for more. After we were done with dinner I made every person in my family come and taste it. My mom ended up with a quart of it to serve along side pecan pie at the family birthday party we were having the next day and I got two giant scoops for Chris and I to share when we got home. It just isn't fall until you've had some pumpkin desserts and this pumpkin ice cream DOES. NOT. DISAPPOINT! Not even a little.


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