Eating around Orlando: Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Jeremiah's Italian Ice is one of the very best places to get dessert in Orlando. The lines at any of their locations will tell you that people take their frosty desserts seriously. They currently have four locations, their fifth location is in the middle of being moved to a new shopping center.

The menu has a bunch of different italian ice flavors each day and they always have vanilla, chocolate, and swirl soft serve. You can get just italian ice, just soft serve, or a gelati (a combo of italian ice and soft serve). 

Right now they have pumpkin pie italian ice, and it is just not fall until I've had a pumpkin pie and vanilla soft serve gelati! Friday night I went to my youngest brother's football game with my grandpa and on the way home we stopped to get our first pumpkin pie ice of the season! It's so cold and pumpkiny, you'll be back for at least 3 by Thanksgiving. I promise!

Pumpkin pie and vanilla gelati!

I love soft serve, so I always get a gelati or a swirl cone. Some of my other favorite flavor combos are cookies and cream ice/chocolate soft serve, P-nutty ice/chocolate soft serve, red raspberry/vanilla soft serve, and my original favorite strawberry lemon/vanilla soft serve. There are hundreds of delicious combos so get to a Jeremiah's and start sampling! 

A half eaten strawberry lemon and vanilla gelati!


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