Election season brings out the worst in people

The closer we get to November 6th, the less pleasant people become. There are days I want to delete my Facebook because people are so rude/mean/hateful over politics. I realize that our right and duty to vote is important, but why do you have to turn on your friends because they sit on the other side of the isle? 

Why does every establishment have to promote Red V. Blue bullshit?

 I don't want to get a red Romney or blue Obama coffee cup at 7-eleven, because I shouldn't have to share my political beliefs with the strangers at the gas station. You are now forcing me to drink out of a cup that says I intend to vote for one of those fools, which by the way I don't. 

PF Changs also had a red v. blue promotion Thursday because of the vice presidential debate, 20% off your take out order if you put "red" or "blue" in the coupon code field when ordering online. Now I love PF Changs, so you bet I ordered some food at 20% off, but I was still mad that I had to pick red or blue. Why couldn't I have typed in VPdebate in the coupon code box? At least they didn't package my food in a color coordinating bag.

I don't want to argue with my family, friends, or close acquaintances about politics, so I most certainly do not want to discuss it with strangers in public when they see my red or blue cup. 

25 days until the political ads stop, red v. blue promotions go away, and it will all be decided. Then we go back to the usual countdown until the next election when we can get someone better and more competent, or something like that. Except, I don't think the right kind of people run for the presidency, it's kind of a crappy job when you really think about it. So we will spend the rest of time voting for someone we feel is the lesser of two evils and keep calling it democracy. 

God bless America!


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