Fresh ground beef

I have officially decided to grind my own meat! It's so easy with a meat grinding attachment for my mixer and I like knowing what's in my food. This way I don't have to worry about anything extra that might be added to ground beef to keep it pretty looking. Plus, after giving myself food poisoning from a sketchy meat hamburger a few weeks ago I was pretty hesitant to eat anything with ground beef. Then to make matters worse about a week later my brother made himself hamburger helper (gross I know, but he's in high school... he'll learn) and he gave himself food poisoning too. 

My brother and I both know how to cook, we know meant can be hazardous if not cooked to the right temperature. So I doubt it was cook error that caused these unpleasant evenings. Anyway, I have an uneasy feeling about buying ground beef now, so I'll be making my own. I plan to buy organic chuck or round roasts when they are on sale, but for this first time I just used a conventional round roast from Publix because I didn't have time to go to whole foods and had already made plans to make chili.

This is how easy it is to grind your own meat!

Attach the meat grinder to the mixer and place a bowl below to catch the meat.  

Cut meat into chunks that will fit down the meat grinder tube, about 1.5" cubes.

Turn on the mixer and stuff the meat through. 

TADA! That is how easy making your own ground beef is! I used a 3lb roast so I had enough meat to make a large batch of chili and then I froze the rest to use later! As long as you grind a roast or two ahead of time, this won't add any time to your food prep. This took us about 20 min maybe and to add a second roast would probably only add about 5 minutes of time because the grinder works so fast. Then you have fresh ground beef you can use right away or freeze for later! Check back tomorrow to see my Chili with home ground beef. 


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