I love Amazon!

I signed up for my very first subscribe and save through Amazon! I received a sample of Caldrea hand soap in my August Birchbox and then the next time I made an order I snagged a plus 2 pack so I could try two extra things and of course I picked a pack with more Caldrea soap because I loved it so much, but wanted to try another scent. Then I decided I just needed to order a full size bottle, but Birchbox only has a small bottle and I wanted the large refill size so I can pour it into my own soap dispenser and save a little coin. I checked the Caldrea website and they had the scent I liked on sale but shipping was $8.75 for a 32oz bottle of soap. So of course I turned to my best friend Amazon! Amazon not only had the soap at a reasonable price, but free shipping, and even better with a subscribe and save option. So now I will get a refill bottle of soap every 6 months! Thank god for Amazon! I'd be filthy without it!


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