Meatball subs

I love meatball subs! Who am I kidding, I love anything with meat, and adding red sauce, garlic bread, and cheese just makes meat amazing! 

Meatballs are so easy to make. Take a package of ground beef, an egg, about 1/2 C italian style breadcrumbs, about 1/2 C grated parmesan, garlic powder, onion powder, kosher salt, ground black pepper, and a few twirls of an italian spice grinder (I use McCormicks).  Just adjust these measurements until you get a meatloaf texture. Of course you can always use real onion and garlic and spices, but I'm trying to keep things simple. Roll meatballs into desired size, I make mine big (1 1/2") for subs and small (a little less than an inch) for spaghetti and meatballs, either way is fine. Place meatballs into a baking dish and pour red sauce over them, bake at 350 for about 30 min. The sauce will be all bubbly, that's why there are little dimples in the sauce in the picture, and the meatballs should be firm when cooked all the way through.

Now to make a meatball sub! I bought sub rolls from the Publix bakery and then added garlic butter to the inside and heated it up in the oven until it was just a touch brownish on the very edges. Then you add meatballs and sauce, melt a piece of provolone on top (just pop it in the oven for about a min) and scarf it down! 

Good News! I ran out of red sauce making these so this weekend I will make some new red sauce and I promise this time I'll take pictures! So be back Monday for a red sauce recipe!


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