October Birchbox

It's here! My October Birchbox!

This month I opted to get the Birchbox + goop collaboration box. I was a little sad it was only four beauty products and a stupid LUNA bar, but so far I'm pretty impressed with the stuff I received. And to be honest, I've never tried a LUNA bar so I shouldn't judge until I taste it.

Now for the contents!

LUNA bar in Lemon Zest: OK, so I decided to munch on this bar while writing this so I could tell you what I think.... So far, it's pretty interesting. It has a layer of crispy cereal type stuff on the top and the bottom is covered in a very lemony lemon icing(?) I'm not sure what word to use for it but it's sweet and kind of glaze/icing like. It is very lemony which I love and just a little bit sweet, but not overwhelming.

Joanna Vargas Daily Serum: I've used this a couple of days in a row now and I like it. My skin can't tolerate a lot of product at once so even though the instructions say to use this under moisturizer I have been using it by itself. It is pretty expensive though ($85), so I'm sure there is something similar for less money.

Sprout Lip Balm in Cocoa: This lip balm has a really nice scent and texture, it's not sticky and I really like it. It's on my maybe I should buy this list.

essie nail polish in Carry On: I really like this color. It's dark without being too dark and I plan to wear this color a lot during these fun fall months!

Marie Veronique Organics body oil: Christopher has been giving me back massages with this stuff the last couple of nights and I really like it. It's not greasy, it's nice and light. The scent it kind of grassy which isn't my favorite, but it's not offensive either.

Overall I would say this was a good Birchbox, not the best but definitely not the worst.


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