Sweet tea

I love sweet tea, I am from the south after all. So when I was having a hard time making tea at home that tasted as good as Chick Fil A or Cracker Barrel's I looked to Pinterest. Honestly, Pinterest is where I get all of my information these days, recipes, craft ideas, current events, internet memes, they have it all. 

I found this sweet tea recipe from Craving Comfort and it was awesome! I went through a gallon of tea in 3 days! I probably would have gone through it faster if I hadn't limited myself to one water bottle of tea for work. I mean a girl can only fit so many beverages in her purse and I love beverages. I especially love beverages when they are served in a Tervis tumbler, no coaster needed and it keeps your drink nice and cold (or hot if you don't live in a sauna like Florida).


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