Work from home husband

Christopher got himself a new job! It's pretty exciting for us because he will work normal business hours on normal business days for the first time since we've been married! What is even more exciting, he will be working from home! That means when he gets done at 5, he will be ready to hang out with me at 5:01! I am so thrilled it is ridiculous! This weekend it was so nice to have him around at our family events, to go to the farmer's market with and to run boring errands.

This is how I picture his work day

Now I just have to remember not to bother him until he's done for the day. It's hard to get home a little before three and know that on the other side of his office door he's sitting there, all kissable. I always sneak a quick peak when I get home, and then he usually takes a break, but I need to break that habit and stop bothering him. Hopefully the novelty of him being home all the time will wear off and I'll be able to ignore him more effectively eventually, but until then it sure is exciting.

I am super jealous that Christopher gets to work from home now. I have only worked from home over a couple of school holidays and it was glorious. My job could easily be done from home, but because I deal with confidential information our school prefers not to have people work from home unless it's absolutely necessary. It's a sad situation.

This was my work from home set up at the apartment when I worked over Christmas break...

This is how I work from home.

Working from home for two weeks was the life! I pulled my desk up to the couch and had Gilmore Girls on in the background every day! I had plenty of desk space, a comfy place to sit, and Lucy got to snuggle up next to me all day. It was joyous. Oh well, maybe my next job will let me work from  home, because I really hate wearing pants.


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