Chicken Noodle Soup

I love soup, it's warm and soothing and delicious. I always try to keep at least one type of homemade soup in my freezer just in case I'm in the mood for a bowl. I love soup anytime of year but Fall is definitely best and nothing beats chicken noodle. 

To make things even better, homemade chicken noodle soup isn't hard to make! Here's how I made mine. 

Boil two chicken breasts with skin and bones in a large stock pot until cooked through. 
Remove chicken and water to a large bowl for later. 

Gather some chopped veggies, carrots, celery inculding leaves, onions, and garlic.

Toss all of these veggies into your big stock pot and saute until almost soft. 

Next fish out the chicken from your bowl and remove to a plate. Add your chickeny water and two cubes/packets of chicken bullion to your veggies. 

I still haven't mastered the completely homemade broth without a little help from bullion. One day.

Next let that simmer and get happy while you chop up the chicken you cooked earlier. 

Add the chicken and some fresh thyme to the pot.

If you are going to serve this right away, go ahead and boil your noodles right in the soup, while you chop your chicken. 

If you are going to refrigerate or freeze most of it for later, make your noodles on the side when you are serving the soup. I have found that making the soup with the noodles in it and then freezing or saving it makes for some super squishy egg noodles, which I don't care for. 

Or heck don't even add noodles, it's good either way! 

Now grab yourself a bowl or mug full of soup and cuddle up with a book, your favorite show, your dog, your boyfriend, whatever you've got handy. Soup is meant to be eaten while under a blanket all snuggled up. 


  1. Soup soup soup! I love soup too! :)

    Have you tried the chicken broth recipe here:

    I honestly make this about once a week. I use it to make cauliflower soup and chicken noodle soup. I also use the broth when making rice and mashed potatoes. No more bouillon cubes here :)

    1. I haven't tried it yet. I was feeling a little nervous about it for some reason. I'm going to have to put on my game face and give it a try.


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