I love Pyrex

I love Pyrex! It is so versatile, you can cook food in it, store leftovers in it, freeze meals in it, it's microwave and dishwasher safe. What's not to love? So during Target's pre-Thanksgiving sale I picked up two of the 20 piece sets they had on sale for $18. I even had two $1 off a Pyrex purchase coupons, so I got 20 bowls with lids for $34. That is just $1.7 for each bowl and lid combo, which isn't much more than buying the ziplock plastic storage containers that you really probably shouldn't microwave and warp in the dishwasher and crack in the freezer about half the time. 

Look at those beauties! I would take a picture of my whole Pyrex collection but it will never all be clean at once. I keep way too much stuff frozen for quick meals. I honestly love Pyrex and I am so excited to be able to throw away most of my plastic containers now!


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