Our very first trick or treaters!

Last night was our first Halloween in our new house, or any house for that matter. So of course we decorated, bought 25lbs of candy, and hundreds of bat rings, fangs, and bracelets. We were all set for trick or treating. Of course we weren't done decorating until like 5:15, way to procrastinate right?! So I couldn't post pictures of our awesome Halloween stuff until now.

Halloween signs before the fog and wreath

With fog and wreath 

Yarn wreath and magnetic spiders

All set for trick or treaters! Two bowls of candy and toys! 

Our yard in the dark with a couple of little spot lights and of course more fog!

All we had left at the end of the night was one lonely KitKat and 8 bat rings. 

I would say that our first Halloween was a success! We had about 40 tick or treaters, and they were all awesome! I think after work I'll be doing some 50% off Halloween shopping so I can add a few more decorations next year, especially inside our house. 

I'll be sad to take my Halloween decorations down, but I have some pretty cute stuff for fall! 


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